Are you affected by the term




Then enough with the analyses.

It's time to stop complaining.

And to take hold of your number one right:

The right to Prefer those like yourself.


If you choose to claim this right now

Then no matter the betrayal of states.

No matter the betrayal of judges.

No matter the convergence of catastrophes.

Whatever happens…

You will change the fate awaiting Europeans.

Because there is something more powerful than a state

Something judges cannot ban

... and which scares them more than you can imagine

legitime preference

Open this and change the system

We are ONE generation away from the only real question :

(Without needlessly endangering ourselves and with no compromises)

By recovering a right that has been forgotten BY MISTAKE:


The right to prefer those like yourself


For 40 years, our most vital need has been systematically “forgotten”

This right changes everything for those who use it 


What the author responded to the LICRA* lawyer (*French ADL),

even changed the outcome of his trial.

Charged with "incitement to racial hatred", they were forced to ACQUIT him.


But remember this especially:
Not being able to choose your fellow citizens has a terrible hidden cost
A cost that can dramatically alter your destiny.

The chapter entitled

"The Cost of Hypocritical Preference"

will reveal what you MUST know about this.

For 40 years, analyses have followed one another, never helping you to escape this maze.

But now the time to choose has come.

Either you remain stuck in paralyzing analysis, with that:

Or you turn the situation to your advantage with this:


In case of an error on your part, the bill will be paid by the most vulnerable.

Because the program of the opposing camp…

targets White children.



The woke ideology could win if you make the wrong choice

Have you noticed how it gradually bends the power?


You may think that our victory is still far away?


In 2017, no one would have imagined that it would soon be necessary to explain the difference between a boy and a girl.

And what happened?

Today you must fight to explain that difference.

Our enemies have simply applied a method that is revealed on page 73.

And this method works whatever the ideas.


Let's be clear. If you can't talk about your ideas without wearing this, 

then your ideas are going to lose...


To win, you have to make an offer that nobody can refuse.

An offer no one can refuse.

  These are the methods of the dominant ones who always win. 

You have to steal these codes from the ideological bourgeoisie. 

And turn it against them


I'm done procrastinating 👇


The world of politics has shown you that it will do nothing for you. 

Yes, the victory through voting will take a long time.

And No, we do not have all that time.


But none of this is serious, 

if you understand the 10th chapter of Legitimate Preference.


In reality

You may be in the most perfect situation to turn things around.

like at the 2010 Rijeca Chess Championship in Croatia

Rijeka Chess Championship (Croatia) 2010. 

For an expert, black lost in four moves. 

But that's not what happened …
A simple paradigm shift totally turned the tables.


9 years after Arthur Kemp's bestseller, "Building the White Home".

Here's how to shift the paradigm and win the game

In the field, it's already being called "The Little Book (of) Whites".

But it's more than a book really

It's the way to legally “avenge” what they've inflicted on us for 40 years.


On page 91, you'll understand what you need to replace activism with


"The real challenge is not to enter the field of logic to convince the crowd. People flee from argumentative rhetoric…there is a way to legally “cheat” to go faster towards a result that will be favorable to us: the redefinition of words and the privatization of concepts."


Check out what Jared Taylor, world leader in identity progress, had to say about this book 

« What Tim Vorgens calls Legitimate Preference is infinitely more important than changing the retirement age » 

Jared Taylor

« New, fresh, invigorating, excellent.  Bravo ! »

Daniel Conversano


Instead of despairing in front of the Great “Creolization”

Drive those who support it mad with rage. (without putting yourselves in danger). 


 Legitimate Preference is like water that seeps into the cracks of a rock. 

 When the water freezes, the rock bursts. 


The rock is the indoctrination of which you are no longer even aware.



Burst the rock NOW 👇


(Or carry it without complaining).


Je commande maintenant

What the readers are saying

I'm not much of a reader. But this book is short; in just a few pages, it gave me a feeling of being understood and, in a way, avenged. There's something more powerful than activism and politics. And that's an attitude. I passed it on to my best friend, a leftist, and he's already confiding in me things he's never dared tell anyone. Lol.


Thomas F. 29 years


"A concentrate of uncomfortable truths that stain and sting. But with an overall vision that fuels you for a thousand years"


Sylvain B. 29 years


This book won't save France, but it will save worthy French people.


Luc A. 32 years

I'm glad I finally read it. It reignited my desire to get involved differently. For me, the concept of 'Grand Remplacement' poses a question; and that of 'Légitime Préférence' provides the answer.


Fanny E. 31 years


It's funny and revolutionary at the same time. A visionary and strategic blend. Very enriching, easy to read, surprising. I was pleasantly surprised.

Louison. P 35 years

Not bad at all for such a short book. Very well thought out. It's going into my top 10.

Franck V.  40 years

The book starts off slow; you have to read it several times and make it a Bushido for aware Whites. And have the younger ones read it.


Aurélien, 29 years

It's very fresh and very powerful at the same time. I understand why my brother recommended it to me.


Pierre Yves K. 43 years

Not for everyone. Traditional reactionaries will throw it away immediately, others will read it multiple times. A special book for a unique audience.

Bertrand J. 57 years 

It's just a racist book, really. Wallah, I swear on Mecca I'm gonna burn it.

Khader K.  49 years

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